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tv   Supreme Court Justice Alito  CSPAN  April 7, 2017 1:38pm-1:41pm EDT

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sort of processing this. so what is likely at the door, it's my job now to get an answer the door. and before i could even start to get out of the chair, justice breyer was out of his chair and headed for the door and chief justice had to say, steve, sit down. that's not your job anymore. so i hadn't been in that will quite as long but i bet i will feel sort of the same way. >> what about the supposed practice that a new justice writes his or her first opinion after it's been a unanimous decision on a particular case? >> i think that something the court is trying to do. they did that with me my first opinion was an opinion in which we were unanimous. and i think it's a good practice. i remember when i sent it around and i had gotten back approvals from everybody, with a few changes. somebody said don't think it's going to be this easy all the time in the future.
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that certainly has proven to be the case. i distinctly remember drafting that opinion. before i came, i been a court of appeals judge of 15 years and i written hundreds of opinions. and i thought i had done my best on all of those, that when i wrote, when i drafted first opinion, realizing where i was now, i went back over it and over and over. i had never revised an opinion as many times as i could before i sent that out. >> a new justice comes to this court and they come to you and a sit in your office and say, tell me what i should know. about this court that will make it a better experience. what do you tell them? >> i would say you will be surprised by the high level of collegiality here. this term, i think we divided by four and almost one-third of all the cases.
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-- divided by 41 make it an oppression from that degree of disagreement. justice scalia once commented that in his early years on this court there was no justice with whom he disagreed more often than justice brennan. and yet justice scaa considered justice brennan his best friend on the court at that time. and he thought the feeling was reciprocated. the public wouldn't know that from reading an opinion by brennan, i dissent by scalia, or the other way around. but these were two men who genuinely liked each other, enjoyed each other's company. >> here's a bit of a story, is when i walked in from my swearing in, this was in the


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